Waterford voters balk at rebuilding old bridge

Waterford voters balk at rebuilding old bridge
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First Published: 1999-03-07

Cross Road residents in South Waterford will have to get used to living on a dead-end, after town meeting voters decided to close part of the road rather than spend $100,000 to rebuild an aging bridge.

"The road and the bridge were both in pretty bad shape," Town Clerk Brenda Bigonski said. "And there weren't too many people who live on it. They can still get in and out on one end."

About 75 Waterford residents turned out Saturday at the Municipal Building despite the snow that began falling around 9 a.m., Bigonski said.

The turnout disappointed town officials, who blamed the lack of interest on a relatively uncontroversial 87article warrant. Most articles passed handily.

The originally proposed budget of $689,964 was modified by both additions and subtractions, and so will remain about the same once all the spending items are added up, Bigonski said.

The town's tax rate of $12.50 will also remain steady. Bigonski was re-elected to the town clerk's position — one she's held on and off since 1976 — without opposition.

Charles Fillebrown was re-elected to his selectman's seat, Brad Grover won the road commissioner's job and Ray Merrill was chosen to represent Waterford on the School Administrative District 17 Board of Directors.


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