Stoneham - Longtime town clerk steps down

Stoneham - Longtime town clerk steps down
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First Published: 1999-03-07

Residents of Stoneham — population 210 — are bracing for change after Saturday's town meeting. For the first time in two decades, Mary Fox won't be serving as town clerk.

Fox asked voters to re-elect her as treasurer, but did not stand for tax collector or town clerk, the other offices she's held for 20 years. Fox said she's decided to begin stepping back from town government.

"I'll stay on as the treasurer and help train the new person for a year," she said after the meeting.

Selectman Edward Spooner opposed the plan to divide the offices between two people, but residents overruled him.

Residents elected Heather Lee as the new town clerk and tax collector. Stephen Fox was chosen without opposition to complete the term of Selectman Lois Niemi, who resigned before the town meeting. Neal Littlefield was elected to replace outgoing Selectman Bette Woodbury, who decided not seek re-election.

Mary Fox said there was little opposition to any of the 68 items on the warrant. Voters raised $96,000 and appropriated $33,600 from reserves to pay for the upcoming year's town operations. County taxes and the School Administrative District 72 appropriation have yet to be calculated.

The issue generating the most discussion wasn't even on the warrant. Members of the Stoneham comprehensive plan committee presented a draft update to townspeople, prompting a number of questions and clarifications. Fox said the plan didn't appear to create any new restrictions on land use.


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