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Atomic Notes Ending the debate on EMR effectiveness More kith than kin? For-profit and not-for-profit hospitals The four-generation family Kennedy to offer HIT bill Presidential backing of digital medical records seen as boost to healthcare Band of Believers Does the U.S. abuse human rights?
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Widening the Circle Old Mother West Wind, Laughing Brook, and the Stories that Inspired Generations This simple but powerful analog method will rocket your productivity
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Creating an active and engaged community with automation 9 Things You Never Thought About Automating Building Zaps for others Productivity hacks for your calendar, to-do list, and more
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COVID demands systemic health care changes Time to start a U.S. Health Corps
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A New Gig New Feature in Northern Woodlands Letter To The Editor On COVID-19
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Multiplying the Value of Wearables and Patient-Generated Health Data Leveraging Analytics to Drive Population Health