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Creating an active and engaged community with automation Nov 21, 2021 Ghost-Written-Content Zapier asked me to transform this talk Justin Samuels gave at the company’s user conference into a first-person blog. Content repurposing is a critical component and highly cost-effective for organizations that rely on multi-channel marketing. 9 Things You Never Thought About Automating Nov 1, 2021 Ghost-Written-Content When people think of Zapier, often they think about creating automated workflows for small business tasks. With thousands of integrations, the sky is the limit. Building Zaps for others Oct 25, 2021 Ghost-Written-Content Small and medium-sized businesses often struggle with productivity, especially in start-up or early growth mode. It seems there is always more work to do than the people, time, and expertise available to get it done. Productivity hacks for your calendar, to-do list, and more Oct 21, 2021 Ghost-Written-Content I have been on a 10-year quest to find the perfect way to organize myself and my teams. Sure, it has been a crooked path, dotted with wrong turns and missteps, but I have developed a system that works well for me...