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5 ways to simplify business processes with Typeform Jul 29, 2022 Branded-Content With Typeform, you can build delightful interactions to collect the data and information you need in the format you want. Here are a few ways you can use the automated workflows you create with Zapier to automate your marketing, collaborate on tasks, and more Five Ways to Automate Calendly Jul 25, 2022 Branded-Content Booking appointments is usually just one administrative task within your larger meeting workflow. With an automated workflow from Zapier, you can connect Calendly to thousands of business apps. Automation for lead nurture and lead management Jan 5, 2022 Branded-Content Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, the futurist and sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke once wrote. He was obviously talking about lead nurturing and management—right? From social media to your CRM Oct 29, 2021 Branded-Content Inexpensive, powerful apps have made lead generation—once the exclusive domain of Fortune 500 enterprises—available to even the smallest business. But while acquiring vast quantities of leads has become simple, managing them is anything but. Advancing your clinical blood transfusion workflows Jan 6, 2020 Branded-Content Using advanced clinical healthcare IT to optimize your most common workflows provides immediate and long-lasting payoffs. Automating workflows Jun 14, 2018 Branded-Content Mobile devices and remote monitoring are key components in end-to-end care. Data Analytics Jun 8, 2018 Branded-Content From opioid abuse to diabetes prevention, big data is making an impact on healthcare. This case study from Scott County shows how. 3 key questions for pop health success May 31, 2018 Branded-Content Jonathan Scholl, president of Leidos Health advises CIOs to ask and answer three key questions before launching population health initiatives. Clinical Optimization Apr 26, 2018 Branded-Content Despite the near tenfold increase in adoption rates, the original goals of EHR implementation – “to avoid medical errors, reduce cost and improve care” – remain stubbornly out of reach. Protecting the End Points Apr 19, 2018 Branded-Content The top-line finding in the 2018 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey, released in March, provided cold comfort to healthcare CIOs hoping for better news in the battle against breaches. Three out of four reported serious security incidents in the preceding 12 months. Beyond meaningful use Feb 25, 2018 Branded-Content William Kloes, president of commercial health at Leidos, believes that deeply integrated IT systems can deliver the data and analytics needed to prosper in the new world of value-based care. Optimizing your EHR investments Feb 24, 2018 Branded-Content Unlocking the value of data you already have, says Jerry Hogge, senior vice president of military & veteran health solutions at Leidos Health, can improve care and reduce costs throughout the enterprise. Modernizing care management Feb 23, 2018 Branded-Content Jonathan Scholl, president of Leidos Health, believes thick integration of enterprise systems can yield actionable insights and significant improvement in patient outcomes.