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Atomic Notes Jun 29, 2020 Articles How to find the right Zettelkasten app — and even automate the process — to make notes that power your creativity and productivity. Ending the debate on EMR effectiveness Jul 28, 2014 Articles For at least the last decade, the health IT field has seen a scholarly back-and-forth on the effectiveness of electronic medical records. But today, more accurate information is emerging. More kith than kin? For-profit and not-for-profit hospitals May 29, 2014 Articles For-profit healthcare is as old as the medical profession itself, but for-profit hospitals constitute just 20 percent of the hospital market in the United States. The four-generation family Mar 1, 2012 Articles Many grandparents are torn between wanting to spend time with grandchildren and needing to care for their own parents. Kennedy to offer HIT bill Mar 1, 2004 Articles Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) said he never thought he would agree with former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich on anything. At the 2004 HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Kennedy admitted he was wrong. Presidential backing of digital medical records seen as boost to healthcare Jan 23, 2004 Articles The push for an electronic health record received a major boost Tuesday when President George W. Bush identified a computerized patient record as part of the cure for the nation's healthcare woes. Band of Believers Feb 15, 1998 Articles The effort to repeal the gay-rights law won due to a textbook application of coalition building. The "vote yes" campaign ably brought together Maine's religious right and mainstream political conservatives who were concerned about giving gays and lesbians "special rights" under the law. Does the U.S. abuse human rights? Dec 8, 1997 Articles Human rights groups maintain that police brutality and poor conditions in many prisons are a serious human rights problem in the US.Amnesty Internationa has launched a campaign to end abuses, and the United Nations has sent an investigator to the US.