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Byline: Kelly Gross Writer: Jack Beaudoin

Note - Zapier asked me to transform this talk Kelly Gross gave at the company’s user conference into a first-person blog. Content repurposing is a critical component and highly cost-effective for organizations that rely on multi-channel marketing.

Small and medium-sized businesses often struggle with productivity, especially in start-up or early growth mode. It seems there’s always more work to do than the people, time, and expertise available to get it done. 

I learned this the hard way. After a first career as a microbiologist, I co-launched a veterinary practice just for cats in 2010. My business partner ran the clinical side and I managed everything else. But after five years of looking after the marketing, sales, operations, and finance aspects of the practice, I left—burnt out and exhausted from the stress of running a business inefficiently.

Fortunately, I glimpsed the proverbial silver lining in those storm clouds. Searching for ways to relieve staff from inefficient and repetitive tasks, I stumbled across Zapier, and it literally blew my mind. Here was a tool that could automate manual tasks and empower staff to focus on the things that really mattered to a business—things like relationship building and customer care. Read more

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