Truck library computer link win support

Truck library computer link win support
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First Published: 1999-03-07

GREENE — A new highway truck, a new server-based computer network and plans for a library addition topped the list of approved articles at Saturday's annual town meeting.

Turnout was extremely light for both Friday's election and Saturday's town meeting, said Sally Hebert, deputy town clerk.

"We had only 103 voters out of 3,000 registered voters on the list participate in the election, and no more than 50 at town meeting,' she said.

Those who showed up at Greene Central School apparently were in a spending mood. They approved a $28,620 computer network to replace the current peer-to-peer system and appropriated $80,000 for a new highway truck. The town will keep the old truck for another year before deciding how to dispose of it at next year's meeting.

The meeting also approved $18,400 for the Comprehensive Planning Committee's work, which faces a vote in November. And it passed a $5,000 appropriation to develop architectural plans for a library addition, which will be voted on next year.

Nonetheless, town spending will actually decrease about $14,000, Hebert said. The town expects to spend $1,312,025 over the next 12 months compared to the $1,326,303 in 1998-99. Those figures don't include school costs, which will be determined in June.

"Selectmen are trying to hold the tax rate level," Hebert said.

On Friday, incumbent Michael Parshall and newcomer Mark Christman won three-year terms on the Board of Selectmen, running without opposition. Sheldon Bubier was re-elected to his School Administrative District 52 seat, while George Coubron Jr. became the first Planning Board member to be elected by secret ballot. The board previously saw its members elected at town meeting.


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