New buildings not expected to raise taxes

New buildings not expected to raise taxes
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First published: 1999-03-07

BOWDOIN, ME — Residents approved $70,000 for a new sand and salt shed and $10,000 toward construction of a substation for the fire department at town meeting.

"The fire chief stood up and said he thinks he can get it built for $20,000," said Earl Haines, chairman of the Board of Selectmen. "Of course, it will have to go out for bid."

The substation would be built in the northern end of the town, but Haines said there was no immediate rush to get it built this year.

The big-ticket items have an immediate impact on the operating budget for the upcoming year, which is projected to total about $115,000 in spending. County taxes and school spending have yet to be determined, but Haines said selectmen are confident they can keep the tax rate at $18 per $1,000 for the third consecutive year.

"We held it this year," he said. "And I hope we can do it again next year, too. The people sure appreciate it."

A crowd of about 200 people attended.

In elections, Sue Whitcomb was unopposed in her bid to win the open selectman's seat. A school committee seat wasn't filled, and Haines said he'll need to see whether someone can be appointed to the job or if the town will have to hold a special election before July, when the seat turns over.

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