Minot voters create new roads job, fire department

Minot voters create new roads job, fire department
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First Published: 1999-03-07

It took almost 10 hours for Minot residents to work through a 119article warrant at Saturday's town meeting.

By the time the meeting was adjourned, voters had created a new fire department and a new one-man. highway department, dedicated more funds for a town hall expansion, and passed a law prohibiting public indecency.

Instead of electing a road commissioner every year, voters created a town-paid position for a combination road commissioner-highway operations manager. The job will pay up to $40,000 annually. Voters also allocated $30,000 for equipment to be used by the new manager.

A newly approved ordinance converts the independent West Minot Fire Company into the Town of Minot Fire Department. Volunteer firefighters strongly backed the proposal, said Town Clerk Susan Trottier.

Despite the additions, the town's budget, including schools, is expected to decrease slightly.

After the meeting, selectmen were hoping that a tax cut would follow once the final budget numbers and new property valuations are calculated.

In Friday's municipal voting, there was only one contested race. Robert O'Connor outpolled Michael Callahan 233-154 to win a two-year term to the Board of Selectmen.

In uncontested elections, George "Buster" Downing won a one-year term to the Board of Selectmen, Eda Tripp won a three-year selectmen's seat, Dianne O'Connor won a one-year School Board term, and Carol Robinson won a write-in race for a three-year School Board term.


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