In Lovell citizens brave storm, re-elect incumbents

In Lovell citizens brave storm, re-elect incumbents
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First Published: 1999-03-07

Incumbents ruled the day in Lovell elections Saturday, as residents sent major office-holders back to their jobs.

Stephen Goldsmith was re-elected to the Board of Selectmen, Sherry Bois was re elected to the town clerk and tax collector's office, and Lawrence Fox held on to his Public Works commissioner's job.

About 75 residents braved stormy weather, selectman Gordon "Stub" Eastman said a normal turnout for town meeting.

"It was a real short one," Eastman said of the meeting, which considered about 80 articles on the warrant.

Residents were pleased that taxes were unlikely to go up despite slight increases in municipal costs, such as trash disposal.

Eastman said the town's operating budget actually decreased slightly because of lower capital costs, but the tax rate would not be calculated until the school budget is voted on later in the year.

"Our financing should be very similar to last year's," Eastman said, noting the town's tax rate in 1998-99 was $12.29.


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