Archive Index

Archive Index
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A quick scan of databases suggests that my archive of published work, if complete, would number between 3,000 and 4,000 entries. The uncertainty here is that until I review each record in the various databases (e.g. Gale,, etc), I'm not sure what might be duplicate records, errors, etc. This page will represent a manual index of work, organized by date of publication, that I have uploaded to the website.


Thornton Academy Newsletter Fall 1992 (1992-11-06)
- Thornton a State Finalist in Blue Ribbon Competition
- Thornton Wins State Grant


Annexation - Straw poll OK'd (1994-09-09)
Wastewater will help heat town sewer plant (1994-09-13)
Blaze claims historic building (1994-09-14)


Warmth of Tradition (1995-11-27)


Town Meeting Package (1999-03-07)
- Fire truck loses, plow truck wins
- New buildings not expected to raise taxes
- Spending touches off much debate
- Truck library computer link win support
- Harpswell residents keep form of government
- Hiram budget rises, but tax rate likely to hold
- Limington — 'Every issue' talked over at meeting
- In Lovell citizens brave storm, re-elect incumbents
- Minot voters create new roads job, fire department
- Pownal School Board seat gained by write-in
- Stoneham - Longtime town clerk steps down
- Waterford voters balk at rebuilding old bridge
- West Paris - Changes in governing to be studied