About the Contents

There are three primary lists of content for this site: the Archives, My Clips and Updates.


The Archives page is the most inclusive. It shows a reverse chronological list of all content uploaded to this site to date. It includes all of the clips I’ve managed to find so far, as well as specific updates I’ve posted only to this site. This is a work in progress, and so much of my past content remains to be uploaded.

My Clips

If you would like to browse only my published writing clips by content type (articles, opinion, features, white papers, etc), please do so on the My Clips page. Again, a work in progress.

Where possible, I link to the original site and provide both an archived image file and a pdf to preserve the content as it was originally published. If you believe the reproduction and inclusion of any of these clips violate your rights under existing copyright law, please notify me on my contact page.


The Updates page only lists posts about the website or my work. For instance, I might post that a new feature of mine has been published elsewhere, with a link on where to find it. I might also post a more traditional blog entry musing on Building an Integrated Writing Environment, for example.

The Goal?

My goal is to create a complete digital archive of journalism and content marketing work on this site. Sources for these clips would include:

General Circulation Newspapers

  • The American Journal (Westbrook, Maine)
  • The Old Orchard Beach Sun Times
  • The Journal Tribune (Biddeford, Maine)
  • The Portland Press Herald & Maine Sunday Telegram
  • The Kennebec Journal (Augusta, Maine)
  • The Maine Times
  • The Casco Bay Weekly (Portland, Maine)
  • The Island Ad-Vantages (Stonington, Maine)

General Circulation Magazines & Sites

  • New York Times Upfront
  • Fast Company
  • Habitat
  • Northern Woodlands
  • Grandparents.com
  • React
  • Update, Search and History (former Scholastic publications)

B2B Newspapers, Magazines & Sites

  • The Zapier Blog
  • HME News
  • Seafood Business
  • Service News
  • Healthcare IT News
  • Healthcare Finance News
  • Healthcare Payer News
  • Government Health IT magazine